Sunday, April 05, 2009

huge weekend

ok so I actually had to do some man work this weekend in between my workouts moving trees and cutting firewood ( picture burly man outside a log cabin) Friday did a a functional fitness class that was only about 1 hour and then rested and ate crap Friday night for my cheat night. I find that by doing a cheat night now I cannot even eat that stuff anymore. I had about 10 girl scout cookies and was full. ( I used to eat a few boxes in one sitting).

Saturday got up and ran a 10k on mountain trails, sunny but cold, really good weather and felt awesome! then did 4 hours of tree limbs yee haw and hit then single speed mountain bike for about 1 hour doing intervals.

Sunday was going to bike and got the call from super Chuck to hit the back country skiing at 6 am instead so with a last minute change that I was not sure about since Spring conditions....hit the backside of Todd lake into a not so secret but epic stash and skied some sweeeeeet!!!!! SNOW . I actually hit a tree and thought that my left knee was torked but when I got home I returned a truck I borrowed across town and rode the bike home through town and the knee felt good so I was lucky..........this time.

77 days until IRONMAN!!!

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