Monday, April 20, 2009

Ohhhh the Mondays 100 miles and a 10k

What a great way to spend a Monday. I tok today off as a paid day off. Good way to spend a Monday for sure. The weather was superb and I started out the journey at 8 am with Utrek and we did a nice 50 mile loop on the rood bikes. Rob finally figured out why his chain would skip, ohhhh look your crank is falling off. After we stopped and fixed that back to the cruise. I even took a health nutrition coaching session that thy offer through work on the cell phone while i was riding. this is a four part coaching series to get business people in shape. After we established that I was on a century bike ride at the time and about 60 days out from my second ironman she said " how about we just call your coaching sessions done...I think you already got the message we are set up to give you for health and fitness......." done. health bonus in my next paycheck. Nice that they offer the service but a little too basic.

After 50 miles met up with Bruce for his lunch break and the three of us roade for about 10 more liles and then Rob headed off to a KMA session. brutal.

Bruce and I cranked out 35 miles and then i did the last 15 solo for the full 100 miles.

I must say I felt pretty good to crank out a century the day after a race, both Bruce and Rob had some team rides and races the day before as well so we were all on day two.

I got home and transitioned into the running gear and off I went into the hottest part of the day for the 10k run but good training for June Ironman so was very happy that I felt good. I swear i saw a ton of people out on the trails and in the park and everyone i waved to or sai hi to as I passed were in a foul mood.....ITS SUNNY PEOPLE!!!! that last mile hurt and I came home and had an ice bath and a beer.....good hurt. GOOD HURT! I think tomorrow i

bonus tip from my nutrition coach during our 5 minute call.....don't eat this:

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