Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy Easter

Well today will be a modified workout due to Easter...oh I might squeeze in swim or ride later today....Yesterday got in about 6 hours of training. started with the 1 hour functional fitness training at the training studio that was a mix of core and weights and cardio and then went up to Mt. Bachelor and skied for about 3 hours. We had a mix of sun and overcast weather with relatively decent snow. I telemarked while Mark snowboarded. I came home fueled up and then went for a 2 hour mountain bike ride. I rode up COD to Stormking and found a bunch of large down trees that will have to get cut up and moved or the trail re-routed. This will likely be a COTA project that I do trailwork for here and there and support as a member. I coss over on storm king and rode towards the river but found a few more down trees and some snow that was a bit much to cross so I headed back via the highway and ducked back into the river trail at Lava island. fitness felt great all day and I kept most of the day at an upper pace and feel solid today.

being 70 days out felling good, project for this week is harder early in the week and then a super mini taper for the race next weekend ( Albany Sprint triathlon), work on going over my ironman taper that I did in 2007 since it was so successful. I am also dabbling with looking at the zone diet but not sure i want to try something new this close to the race.

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