Friday, April 03, 2009

Best New Product! ACTION WIPES!

This new product action wipes has solved some of my biggest problems, as you know from being a long time bike commuter( yes riding to work today as well, photos manana) is how to clean up at work. I used baby wipes but they did a C- job and now with Action Wipes its super easyto clean uo and be fresh when I get to work or after a mid day run or bike at the office over lunch. They are HUGE towels and clean you up with amazing tenacity. Also I like that they are so huge but pack down so small. They leave you fresh due to some magic herb ( ok I thinks its Eucalyptus) . I have a small pack in my desk at work and a bigger pack at home that I am planning on using for camping and cyclocross. Also they can be thrown in the washer and used again and again. I am still on the same first towel having used it at work and then after repeeted washings and uses still going strong so pretty green product. A+ product.

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adam and melissa said...

Hey Drew,

Do you ever know...not so fresh?