Sunday, April 26, 2009


It all started with the famous phrase " I have not been drinking at all during training but tonight is a "free night" so I can have a few beers............." Oh that did not work well. I met with my great friend Sully and had a few beers with dinner and went to a fun bar and had a few martinis and.......and...... glenned! If you do not know Glen you do not want to meet him the nightBefore any races...but Glen was not even there and I got Glenned. Not to be confused with "randy" who will get you sick in foreign countries.

The morning of the race on Sat I get up at 5:30 and drive the 2 hours to the race with little sleep and some dehydration. Before i got into the town venue for the race i pulled over and spit up a little bit. wow this is not going to be a good race. I pull into the venue and it is howling wind. I mean wind like I have not seen in a while. ( my father later tells me there is a wind farm in the area) I debate whether to even race but Dan is there and I have my team colors so to the start line I go. This course starts with a mean climb and in this case into the wind. between the "dehydration" and the headwind I watched a few people pass me that should not have ever passed me. I think " oh well this was really just a training weekend that happened to be at a race so make the best of it. This course was a large square basically about 26 miles long and I would say we had a headwind on 80% of it. How that is possible I have no idea but the last three miles I think took 20 minutes............and it was flat, it was that string of a headwind. I mean i did not know whether to laugh or cry?

lets see go back for stage two on Sunday with cold headwinds but instead 45 miles???? uh no.

so at least I did stage one and the plan is a big block on MON-THURS as all travel days for work to Eugene and Klamath Falls and will have time to focus on training. I do seem to train well on the road. taking the bike and the running shoes.

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