Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Still sore from the crash yesterday. My neck really hurts so I am going to see a doctor today. The neck pain was acute and seems more like bone that muscle so I want to confirm that I did not really hurt something before I start some hard workouts. I am bummed as I doubt I will jump in the pool and use all of the skills I just got. Getting injured or sick is a large factor in sports and the head game. While it shows you really love training it also gets quite frustrating when you cannot train and you can feel...Depressed. Now I am not really the depressed kind of guy with my positive attitude so for me it is really more like frustration. I think even if the doctor says to take it easy I can get on a spin bike so all is not lost. I found out that I a need to Fly from Oregon to Kansas City at the end of Febuary for a 6 hour meeting. As business stuff goes it is kind of funny. If I count the number of things I say in the meeting and then divide that by the cost they spent getting me there and hotel, food etc it probably costs them $200 a word. What a waste. The sad thing is I provably will actually say something smarter that most at the meeting. The good part is I do like travel. It gets me a chance to listen to backed up podcasts on the plane. But the great part is on the way back I should be able to get a layover in Salt lake and go backcountry skiing with my brother who lives there. Speaking of podcasts here is a list of the ones I listen to on a regular basis: Zen and the art of triathlon, Simply Stu, DSC, Keith and the girl ( pretty adult oriented but funny), endurance radio, The transmission, japenesepod101.

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