Friday, May 22, 2009

speed shadow

after a few days rest i will get in another 4 day block of fitness with the three day weekend. today I will go swimming in the 50 meter to work on the tips Brett gave me and a run after. I am getting spoiled having two big weekends in a row that's for sure. I am getting ready to start go into a slight taper mode for the race ( 30 days out!) so get it in now and then do less and less.....I hate the taper which most not endurance folks would think the taper is fun because you get to rest a bunch....NOOOOOOO. If you are used to the stimulation and energy you get from a run or bike for hours then you just get bored really bored!.

I threw in some pics of the bike I am using for Ironman in 30 days....did I already say 30 days...4 weeks? my that is soon. I have also gotten my shoes I will use. I always Wait and get them about a month out so I keep them fresh. They are the Nike Zoom Vomero+ 4. I picked these as they are plush and I want the legs to feel plush during the marathon.

30 days people!!!! 30!

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