Friday, May 22, 2009


So i went swimming this morning for about 600 meters and then realized I needed to head to work, wored on the tips that Brett gave me. I then wrapped up key tens at work and headed out for a 8-10 mile run at lunch.....mile 6 I was headed under the bridge near Alder creek kayak and took the turn and wappppppppp i rolled my ankle bad. I really was in pain. I limped back to my car which was a mile away and went home and wow was it swollen. hurt pretty bad so i started googling "sprained ankle" and even called Dr. Frank.....with some ice and Vitamin I I think I will be ok. I guess I will swim with a swim buoy and take it easy this holiday weekend. I guess the bright side was that it was not a week before the race right????

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kt said...

Oh NO!!

Take care of your foot and heal fast!!!