Friday, May 15, 2009

solid week

I spent the rest of the week mostly running and biking. I got out on the cannondale rep bike ( super sweet TT bike that weights 15 lbs.) and will race it tomorrow at the lebanon sprint tri. My buddy Canada Dave was coming but he did not register in time....bad Dave!!!!!

I did this little community fundraiser race a few years ago and it is a small one but using it as a training workout and good to get the transitions down and since i am using the cannondale for my ironman (in 37 days) figure I better get some real world time on it.

bagged a training session Wed. for a $15 massage that was 90 minutes. yeah the massage class at the local college has it set up for students to practice. pretty good massage and my legs were still tired from the weekend race so it was needed.

Big news is that long time podcaster of ZEN AND THE ART OF TRIATHLON is coming to hang with me over the next 4 days here in Bend. He and Emily will hit the friendly skies tomorrow from Texas. We will have a jam packed fun time with sights and sounds from Bend and cycling and running and swimming.....will be a blast.

looking forward to meeting Emily since she gives Brett as much shit as I get at my house....

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Anonymous said...

You need to teach Brett all about cyclocross dismounts.

Get him hooked!