Monday, May 11, 2009

hard day.....good day

I was fresh and well rested for the chainbreaker MTB race on Sunday. I rode out to the race with the Utreks and Rob had set up the Bontrager Ti single speed for me. What a sweet single speed. that thing roade well and it was so light. I must say these weresme of the best race conditions out there. Weather was mild, the trails were moist and not dusty. There were some 300 people out there racing and still one of the premeir race course in the area. The one thing I like about the course is it loops back to the crowds a few times so they get to see you and you get that cowbell ringing energy. I did a nice 4 mile warmup on the starter loop a few times and then rode right up to the start to get going . As the gun went off I was with the single speed group and the bad part is this is a pretty hardcore group of riders. most of the top SS riders I know and I do not really even try and compete with them. I took off staring staying with the pack but by about mile 4 I was off the back a bit. The first 12 mile loop I went out a bit hard and had to bring the old heart rate once I got into my groove the 2nd lap felt awesome. I finished hard and felt pretty good coming in 14th place.......................then i put on my running shoes and ran the 10.5 miles home. That felt good as I needed the big brick for the day. My only issue was forgot to bring any food or water. I grabbed a 6 ounce powerade bottle at the race from an aid station and took off. It was warm but not too hot and by the top I got to Utreks house I broke into their garage ( god thing I knew the code) and stole a soda. then ran the rest of the way home. I got home about 2 pm so with the warm up and race and then the run ended up being a solid 5 hour day.

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