Wednesday, May 27, 2009

getting better

The ankle is getting better even though I still walk with a slight limp guarding it. continued Ibuprofen and ice is helpful. I swam another 1000 meters or so yesterday and then after work I took Jennelle to swim team and went in to try the spin bike. I had talked with Dr. Frank and he said based on how I was doing to give it a try. OHHHHH YES! the spin bike worked and no pain and no limit in motion. I spun for about 40 minutes and then went in to the gym and did alternating pullups and pushups. I supported my legs on a bosu ball instead of the feet. I got a decent workout. so while I would not go run right ow between bike and swim I will very likely lose no fitness and should be ok by by June 21 ( 25 days away) to run a marathon.......after a little swim and bike. Adversity tests you and that is a good thing. I have been thinking worst case scenarios lately and since I already have an ironman medal what if I lost this one??? oh well i gave it 100% I sure would not want to but I could always sign up for another one. looks like I should be ok in this one though...cross your fingers.

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