Sunday, May 17, 2009

race report

oregon State tri team girl had a beaver tail on her uniform.....tooo funny

what a great race, evertything went well. I drove over at 6 am as my wave did not start until 9:40 so had lots of time. on the way there i realized I needed to use the loo and I pulled into a state park in the middle of nowhere in the paper! but alas I remembered that i had action wipes in the car. Off to the races. The only issue i really had with the race was the bike setup, there were like 6 waves and only bike racks for like 2. As I came in mid race I could not tell where to put the bikes because some were blank areas onb the rack because they were out riding.......cluster.

got in the water and swam fine, I admit there is only so much you can do in a 25 meter pool with 4 other people in your lane. uneventful and good swim.

fast t1 and this time I wore some cycling socks...yeah I know all the cool kids go sockless but the extra 2 seconds really make the difference which think helps in the speed later.

bike was insane!!!!!!! I used Cannondale reps bike and it ripped! I used less energy and went just as fast if not faster than usual. thought about saving some energy for the run.... worked. Also fun to chew up the fast swimmers on the bike......always fun.

t2 really fast and the run was flat as a pancake.....I had a great negative split ruining some people happy finish as i sped past them.

the finish results were a TOTAL CLUSTER. The results came out as having me like 24 out of 300 and 2 or 3rd in my cat. so podium.....but then they kept revising them and handing out trophies and then asking for them back since they were wrong. they then raffled off single powerbars and single gels...seriously......i left as I had to get back home as Brett was coming.......I am still waiting for the official results.

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