Tuesday, May 19, 2009

average day in Bend

We started out with a swim at the Juniper pool out in the 50 meter pool. Brett would be an awesome swim coach, in a matter of 15 minutes had improved my swim 100%.

We then went on to hit Kyle and the KMA workout and both Brett and Emily did well although I think they will be sore today. Steph and Rob joined us in the workout and then also a mountain bike ride right after the workout. Brett and I borrowed some 29 inch wheel bikes from Web Cyclery. Unfortunately the Niner i was on had a fork that blew up and had to return. Rob and Brett headed out for another hour.

I then gave Brett a tour of three of the biggest bike shops in the area ( out of the 6-7 in town) as he also is curious how a small town has so many shops just like I do.

More to follow....I like vacation

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