Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vashon Island Exterra

Well you will have to wait a little for the pics but they are coming thanks to Steph. Roadtripped to Vashon Island near Seattle. On Saturday we took the ferry over and met with Ben and Dave Clonninger ( who later won the whole thing) and his brother Matt. Ironiclay I had worked with Matt at a ski resort almost 13 years ago....small world. we all pre rode the run course and the bike course. same course as last year for the run a a very small change on the bike course.

We went out and had pizza and beer to carbo load in Tacoma and then had a great nights sleep in a cheap motel ( but they had vs. so we could watch the tour replay at night and live in the morning).

Ferry back to the island and there were about 110 racers. we all walked out to the end of the dock and the swim was an open water start in the pacific ocean but a pretty sheltered bay so water was very calm. Who knows how far the swim was since they kind of wing it. Race director says " ok swim out around that red sailboat and then go over to that buoy out there and then come into the dock" and then before we can get clarification he says" 30 seconds...."

off we go and I love it because you can see jelly fish in the water below you. I thought I was swimming well, I was with a pack around the boat and the buoy and then grabbed some feet for the long haul in and he must have been going slow because i came in towards the back but fresh.

out of the water and into the T1 fast change and i am right with Ben.....up the hills and feeling good.1st lap lots of technical passing and caught Matt and he pulled over for me. Off I went gangbusters on the technical. lap two of the bike went better as not congested. Ben and i back together again and off to T2 where we started the run and he is a strong runner so he took off. The first part of the run is brutal up. I am smart so I took it easy going up and then once on the flat trail run I kicked in and felt awesome.

ran hard and finished in 1 hour and 55 minutes exactly middle of the pack. Middle of the over all and middle for my age group. very fine as just a fun race before Ironman.

I rowed 3500 meters this morning watching the tour as they climbed a big pass, makes the rowing easy if you see them suffering up a big pass. off to swim at lunch and then I am off to LA for a few days. will post photos as I get them.

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TRI-ROB said...

Sounds like a great time man! I'm FLOUNDERING right now with no race in the near-term. Nice work on the run... looking forward to the pictures!