Tuesday, July 03, 2007


So i came home for lunch yesterday ( the rest day) and i could not find my keys to my motorcycle when i was headed back. after looking around I relaized i had left them o
in the ignition of my moto and the battery was now DEAD. I tried to push start it but no luck ( I later found out I was doing it wrong so now I know how). SO I changed clothes and jumped on the bike back to work. then I rode over to give blood and they say no strenous excercise before of after you give blood but I had ridden over. I explained to them it was a rest day so i only road10 miles and it was an easy 10. The nurses said "10 miles??? how do ride that easy???" I am always astonsihed by the fact that medical people know about health but fail to act on it???

So I donated blood which has to be the easiest volunteer gig in the world, they give you magazines, you just sit there and the after they give you free cookies. I think everyone should donate blood. I admit I did not do it until later in life but nagging at me was the subconscious signals from my parents who have been lifelong blood donors and never suggested it to me but I saw the pins and the 5 gallon donor coffee mugs. It was not until after 9/11 that i started. too bad it took something like that.

so I ended up riding about 20 miles ( easy pace) on my rest day which felt good, more like active recovery.

This morning I got up and rode 15 miles on the mountain bike on single track trails ( see pic above from this morning) and then came back and rowed 2000 meters on the erg. I love that thing, I can watch the news in my gym while getting some upper body workout. Well actually it is more like a whole body workout.

Now I am off to bike commute to work on the cruiser and then later tonight a run or a swim, have not decided......

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jameson said...

shredding single track first thing in the morning is a killer way to start the day.