Sunday, July 08, 2007

777 number of the ass kickers

Well thanks for the positive feedback on "bag-gate" what a joke.... I must have told about 10 people by now and more will read the with your dollar. I will keep all posted on my dealings with corporate. By the way the movie I was going to see was "LIVE FREE-DIE HARD", and I almost said "yippee k........." when I left.

Today was another sweet long day followed by a killer ice bath. 77 mile ride followed by a 7 mile run thats right 7-7-7......and yesterday was 7-7-2007.......freaky huh???

left the house at 6:30 am while it was still cool out and Bruce and i rode to Redmond and did the twin bridges ride backwards. we dia few small variations but here is a basic map

we rode most of the way chatting so it was good as we averaged about 18 mph and I did not really draft at all except for two highway sections so it was more realistic of a tri as opposed to going out with a big group and riding the draft all day.

came home and did a quick transistion to the run and it was really hot ( about 88 degrees) and I used this tip from runners world magazine to freeze a baseball cap in water frozen and wear it on the run to keep cool. the hat was frozen and kept me cool for about 5 mionutes and then all the water had evapoarted in the heat and the hat was dry as a bone....weak tip.


TRI-ROB said...

DUDE! Where the heck are ya? I wanna hear about your epic adventures! Don't leave me hangin!

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be a freak but have you got a brother called Scott? I ask because I used to write to him when he was in training in the reserves. If that is your brother, please don't be afraid, I don't want to get back in touch it's just that I have always wondered if he was ok. Last I heard was prior to the war and it's just something that stuck in my head for the last few years.
Anyway, if you are Scott's brother then wish him all the best.