Thursday, July 05, 2007

Huge block of days

So on the fourth I got up and headed up over the pass at Mt. Bachelor with a few guys ( who I trailed behind about 100 meters) and we went up and over Mt. Bachelor to Green lakes trail head qhich is about a 25 mile road ride. I parked the bike and locked it to a tree and put on the running shoes and ran up to green lakes and back on a super killer trail run. This is one of the most scenic trails around and in the summer can get a lot of hiking traffic but i really did not see that many people. It is 8 miles roundtrip and has 1100 foot elevation gain. Ohhhhhhh the calves were hurting and the few times i stopped to stretch them a bit the mosquitoes came out. They were not a problem as long as you kept moving so that was motivating. going up the Fall Creek drainage is so scenic it is sick! coming back down was just as hard on a new set of muscles and technical so you had to pay attention. I have to say I was hurting. got some ice cold water out of the creek and splashed myself which helped but the climb back up to Mt. Bachelor from Sparks lake was brutal. I had no gears left and was barely keeping the bike upright. I was almost at a bonk for sure. I had food, i had water but was just really tired.

5 1/2 hours later came home, took an ice bath and had a martini then took a 2 hour nap.

HMMMM??? what should I do the next day? Rest?..................nope off to a KMA session and bringing Tri-Rob along for the ride.


TRI-ROB said...

DUDE! You're an animal! You're going to LAUGH at the Ironman in August! Thanks for the KMA today! I'm glad I didn't cry... at least when you were looking.

akbreezo said...

Sounds nice Drew and beautiful pics.
What's on tap for the weekend?
BTW, more jerky treats heading your way.

Drew Holmes said...

more jerky!!!! thats good stuff, i may need to take some in my bento box for ironman day