Sunday, July 22, 2007


building up frequent flyer miles as I travel across the country for work this week. a few days ago I was in LA for a meeting and found myself running in not the best air quality I would say. The traffic there was the worst. I sat in a 6 lane superhighway going 25 mph for miles and miles. no accidents or anything holding things up just traffic and cars making lane changes and getting on to other highways.....WOW.

Then on to Salt lake City for a few days with my bro Adam and his wife Melissa. Now Adam was the kid in breaking away growing up. I had Ford Muscle cars in the driveway and he failed to get his license on purpose and rode Italian rode bikes and wore lycra out and about way before that was trendy. But he got diverted to rock climbing for many years so not so much a biker anymore but still has the skills. We rode a few Utah mountain biking trails . We hit the Wasatch trail which goes from way up cottonwood canyon at 10,000 feet to the SLC, nice long one. pretty scenic. Then we hit the bobsled run after riding
from his house to his lab ( yeah picture smart dude in a white lab coat) to see what his bike commute to work is like and then we hit the trails over to bobsled. this is a trail system that is just above the city.

So Adam got me an old Santa Cruz HECKLER mountain bike to use. Worked decent but just glad to have a bike to use so no complaints from me. He used a fully rigid old school Gary Fisher and did pretty well on it. you have to check out his shoe setup!!!! he normally rides just his road bike but he swaps out his old school road pedals and actually mountain bikes with these!!!! I could not stop laughing but seemed to work. He can mountain bike as he had one of the first mountain bikes back in the eighties.

We then had some killer real italian pizza that was thin and fresh! Melissa being real italian can find these great places to eat......YUMMY!!!

Now I am off to Nebraska for a week to teach at a leadership workshop. I will be trying to hook up with a few other Triscoop Triathlon bids while I am there and get in some runs and rides!!!

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SeenYour Crash said...


That's a sick rasta Heckler your bro hooked you up with.

Well I'm off to 'ol SLC no doubt I'll run into the sis-in-law. Boy did she pick the right brother.