Friday, July 06, 2007

KMA with tri Rob

recovery trio after Wed super brick: ice, martini and fitness mag

So I come off a huge day and am thinking the KMA is going to hurt but I do it anyway and actually felt pretty good. I guess my recovery is doing well.

Here was the KMA as best I can remember:

10 minute treadmill warmup

we alternated betwen two exercises back in forth for 1.5 minutes then 1 minute them 30 seconds:

first set: chest presses with back on balance ball and holding pushup position feet on half ball and hands on balance board.

next set: kettlebell hops on bosu ball and box jumps holding med ball

next set: scissor hops lunging while pushing med ball over head and backwards ab roll on large ball

then on to the treadmill skipping at 9% then running

25 pushups

2 minutes hard jump rope

2 minutes on bike standing entire time


50 regular, 25 reverse, 30 biccycle, 20 bicycle in v up position, side v ups, then plank.

I think that was it. does not seem like that many things but we did each exercise three times.

Then we went back to work, had awesome sushi later and met up the next morning for swimming at Juniper. The water was great and I did about 1600 meters and Tri-Rob did a bunch more...GREAT workout block.

For Sat and Sunday......I will kill myself and rest on Monday.....just wait and see

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