Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bag gate

Rest day on Sat. I actually rowed about 2000 meters and did some bicep curls but nothing really, saving it up for Sunday morning 70 mile ride followed by a 10k run.

I decided to go into town and see an early movie while it was really hot in the middle of the day. I threw some things in my smaller messenger bag to go to the movie and run some errends. My moto battery died last week so I have been 100% bicycle this last week and no problem since the weather is warm and I got bikes. I have rode my fixed gear, my mountain bike with the BOB trailer, my cruiser, the road bike......really been getting all of the horses out of the stables. however when I got to the movie I ended up getting kicked out. Yes kicked was the email I sent their corporate office when I got back home:

It was an unfortunate morning as I decided to spend a casual Sat. riding my bicycle to town to see a movie and visit the library and go by my office to do some work. I came to the 10 am showing of a film and purchased a ticket with my credit card and went in. Now allow me to paint a picture of myself. 36 year old white male with short hair and very clean cut conservative attire carrying a bike helmet and a small messenger bag for my bicycle trip. after being allowed into the theater and presenting my ticket I was chased down the hall by a young lady in a sport jacket ( I assume a manager type??) asking me to return to the front to leave my bag in the front ticket office. I explained that I would not like to do that as I had valuables in my bag ranging from cash to an ipod to my dayplanner (for my mid level corporate job that spends a lot of time working on customer service issues) but she was welcome to search through it as much as she wanted before I entered the theater to make sure. I can only assume she was looking for hidden popcorn or a secret box of sour patch kids I had subversively smuggled in???? However she declined to even look in my small bag ( about the size of a womens purse although dayglo orange for bike safety) and said it was "for the safety of the patrons". Safety? first off it was 10 am and appeared I was one of about 4 people in the entire theater, second What was I going to do? Throw my cash and ipod at someone for kicking my chair? I again explained I was not comfortable leaving my personal items in care of the young staff ( hey I was a curious teenager 20 years ago myself.....lets see whats in the bag) and I am sure if anything was missing that they would direct me to the all too regular "not responsible for lost or stolen articles" sign. As I had no vehicle to stash my bag in I requested a refund which they gave me and I left. No money for you. No film for me and one unhappy customer that shall tell this silly tale to others. Sorry but wishing this could have been handled differently by your staff.

So next time you go to a part of the Regal cinemas chain, do not ride your bike with a messenger bag unless you want to leave it with Billy or Jenny or whatever other kid with a summer job is hanging out. I on the other hand will just not go and spend my entertainment dollars elsewhere and tell this tell to my friends .


TRI-ROB said...

Good for you for sticking to your guns! I hate it when people refuse to think out of the box... especially when that box doesn't make any sense! Looking forward to hearing about the 70 miler!

kt said...

Drew~ Just have to tell you that my Grama carries a bigger purse than that and she never gets asked to leave. Really, what jerks. I wish they would have looked in your bag to see that you were all good. What movie were you going to see anyway?

Cindy Jo said...

I carry a huge purse into movies filled with water/gatorade, candy for my son, etc. For movies with my husband I sometimes take a flask or even a couple beers I open during the noisy parts. (Yes, just call me a rebel.)

I can't imagine anyone asking a woman to leave her purse. Weren't you being "profiled"?

Great letter, btw!