Saturday, June 30, 2007

Legs tired

Got up and left at 9 am with Rob ( Pharmacy-Rob) and Time trial Dan. We went up and over Mt Bachelor to Sparks lake and then back up and over for about 50 miles and then I went for a run that was 6 miles. ( from my house to REI and back along the river). Ohhhh the legs feel that 4.5 hours of training this morning. I must say a pretty big week for post half ironman and feeling good so that makes me feel like with a proper taper I should get through this ironman thing...ya know I all I can do is try.

The weather today is awesome, current temp is

Wind: NW at 8 mph
Humidity: 29%

This is the ride i will be doing on Tuesday ( pretty close to my usual loop from the office)

On Sunday will be doing an open water swim with Ben and Bruce in a lake and I think Rob is bringing a boat to tag along so he may get some pics. I may have to hold off on the MURPH until Tuesday or WED.

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