Friday, June 15, 2007

Last KMA session before half ironman

Steph: our guest workout partner today

Did a great session with Kyle with the Bruce along and this week Steph came and joined us. good group who works hard but has fun with it.

I must say Steph really did a great job. by scaling most of the weights she did everything we did and then when we did group pushups she started doing real push ups and I was impressed! It helps to have freinds next to you to keep you accountable. I have seen kettle bells mentioned a lot in Crossfit and we had used them some but i asked Kyle to work in kettle bells for a bunch of workouts and show us their versatility as well as proper form so we worked on that today

so here was the workout ( did I mention I rode an hour inj the morning before this?)


We did three stations and rotated every 2 minutes

bicycle high cadence

bosu ball squats with kettlebell overhead

jump rope

back to bike

bosu ball with two kettle bells doing mini jumps

Burpees with 20lb dynamax ball

Bosu ball quick feet

treadmill at 4 incline fast

Kettleball one arm pushups while balancing on large ball

kettle ball swings while standing on bosu ball

kettle ball 1 arm lift standing on bosu ball

pushups using kettele bells for stands and then a row after each pushup

more jumprope

pushup as a group, we all three got shoulder to shoulder and got in the pushup position and i started by doing 5 pushups, then held the pushup position while Steph did 5 then Bruce did 5 then back to me. we did 4 rounds and waiting in that pushup position was hard.


1 min rounds:

regular crunches

bosu with med ball side to side

big ball rollups ( dont ask, it looked bad, coordination)

then 50 each side up and 25 reverse............................DONE!!!!

Then Bruce and I went for a mountain bike spin after that which always feels good.

So after I got home I did some more work for a few hours on my laptop for work and then:

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TRI-ROB said...

DUDE! I wanna here about your duathlon you did yesterday! Also gotta talk to you about this coming week's schedule! Happy Father's DAY!