Monday, June 04, 2007

Day two andthree

Ok so day two starts out with Pickets charge mountain bike race. A C race in my book but a race nonetheless. Went single speed on the $13.50 again and it performed flawlessly any excuses on that bike are is the engine driving it. We got up to the starting line and there were about 20 single speeds in the category. The starter says "ok so two laps for the single speeds....." amd there was a group....WOOOHAAA!!! We thought 1 lap at 18 miles, we did nt want to do 2 laps on single speeds that day...It was hot too. the starter says ok vote...all of us but 1 guy says "1lap!!!" so they changed it to one lap.....thank god!

off we go into the dustiest start...WOW moondust and hard to see and breathe it was like the paris-roubaix. i found my secret nemesis and stayed on his tail then he faded.....ok good one down.

picture here

another pic here

then i needed another nemesis...what to do??? hey here is a guy with a single spped with the same color as my PB TT bike.....steal my color? ok he is my new nemisis!!! i chase him up a hill and through some techniacl rocky sections and BOOM!!! he is done, blown up!!! two down.....but where is the rest of the SS crew? who knows as I am in the back somewhere for sure.....uggh climbing climbing climbing...I am getting spent. Two Gu's and still hurting. I catch up to the womens pro group and tail a girl for about 5 miles. I have been "chicked" in races but using one to help pull me??? well so what I am tired. once I finally make the turn to the trail back which is mostly downhill and flat I get a second wind and haul back making up some time. Trailing some sport guys through the single track and just killed that fun are the results:

1   944 Timothy Jones      Bend               1:20:27
2 970 John Rollert Bend 1:21:55
3 887 Nelson Snyder Portland 1:22:20
4 915 Brian Merritt Bend 1:27:43
5 864 Kurt Haas Salem 1:28:22
6 809 Pat Kudszus Salem 1:28:43
7 954 Jeff Kleihaurer Bend 1:29:42
8 950 Tim Hittner Bend 1:30:02
9 942 Walter Sorenson Cottage Grove 1:30:36
10 967 Eugene Cathcart Oak Ridge 1:31:09
11 968 Ty Skordahl Oak Ridge 1:34:30
12 9967 E Cathcart 1:36:27
13 969 Ben Gadomski Bend 1:37:38
14 906 Drew Holmes Bend 1:38:22
15 820 Steven Basden Portland 1:43:00
16 951 Steve Williams Bend 1:43:44
17 963 Dan Gilmour Bend 1:53:57
18 901 Eddie Kiloh Oregon City 2:19:11

So all in all a solid effort against a strong field after no taper and workout yesterday but that was not even the start of the day.

later that day had race number 2. adventure race put on by BARK here in Bend.

I was going to rest after the race in the morning but that never happened.

The adventure started at 7 PM and we had a solid team of Anthony, Ben ( who beat me by 1 minute at the first race of the day and also gets credit for doing a double day) Rob, and Myslef.

The race started out downtown Bend with a running section with about 9 checkpoints all over the city and we ended up running a few miles there ( with packs weighing about 12 pounds).

Back to the base and we transitioned back to bicycles and as the only team that went all cyclocross bikes that made us pretty fast to get out to the checkpoints that were miles away. ( oh yeah we were also the first team back)

So we are hauling up century drive to get out to the trail system to look for checkpoints and Rob realized he has the wrong pedals on his cyclocross.....ok Rob you jet home and swap pedals as we head out. he was able to pull ahead, swap pedals and get back with us where we lost maybe 1 minute....sweet.

Now we wasted the next 2 hours looking for checkpoints and could not find any of them. and it was full on pitch black now and we were all riding with lights though the forest. the funniest thing was when Rob yells "Car up!" and I am thinking what? we are ina forest and next thing I know here comes a beater car around the corner...guess he was going camping. we were feeling dejected by not finding some checkpoints ( checkpoints being worth points and the most points wins at midnight)

We headed down to plan B which was to hit the 2 mandatory stops. The first one was a sweet zip line over the deschutes river ( again in the dark) . that was very fun. but took more time that we thought sow e jetted to the second point and it was a traverse under a bridge across the Deschutes river near downtown on a 6 inch ropes just the chance that if you fell....SPLASH. so we watched a few people start and it looked ok, just have to shimmy across under the bridge. The race official says ok if you go "full Monty" you get double points. A team in front has a gu that strips down and he is off.....bend And I are like "DOUBLE POINTS???!!! YOU BET!!!!" and strip down. next thing you know like a surreal painting there are three naked dudes shimmying across this 6 inch ledge and it is harder than it seems. There is a little tine crack to put you fingers in and then an few spots where you have to palm the roof ( also 6 inches wide)

*** can you tell the 6 inches also slopes downward???? oh yeah

OHHHHHH I am getting tired and a true pump in my arms pulling myself the water? the first guy stops half way and takes a break.....this hurts more...." keep moving dude!" geez this hurts, ok almost there....success, the whole team gets across and we are in double point city!!! We also come to find that most teams also could not find the checkpoints we missed or are too scared to do the bridge crossing and we are back in the race!!!!! we take off and go for one final city checkpoint but it is 11:45 and at 12 you turn back into a pumpkin and are DQ if not back at the bar we started at so we make a weak effort and then we head to the bar and get there at 11:55 with the other team that also got double pints but earlier in the night they went for a super weak city pint so edge us out....turns out we come in second place out of 11 teams.......ROCK AND ROLL!!!! I am baked and have a few beers and declare I will not make the 65 mile ride as i am wiped. get home about 1:30 in the morning and sleep in until 9:30, This is the guy that wakes up at 5 am every morning...I was tired.

Day three: easy tandem ride of about 15 miles at a leisurely REST DAY


TRI-ROB said...

DUDE! You totally ROCK! Great RR! I was a complete slug this wknd. Thanks for making me feel even MORE inferior!

Jetpack said...

"chicked in races" I love that expression. Love it. I'm stealing it Drew. You da Man!

One mroe thing - "We need more cowbell"