Wednesday, June 13, 2007

back in black

back in black like in the dark, rested now and headed out in the dark today on the mountain bike about 5 am and listened to podcasts while climbing...up all on single track up to where the trail "orange crush" comes in on upper cod. came back down listening to podrunner

great trails coming back, great temp. the picture is a shot of my Turner sitting against a picnic table that is next to some single track in the middle of nowhere and you can see the sun coming up through the trees. good workout.

Got my Fathers day gift ( that I picked out and paid for by selling some bike stuff) which is a concept 2 rower but since it is for fathers day I have to wait until this weekend and Jennele is going to decorate the box it came in. will be a good cross training device.

Well we are now about 10 days out from the half ironman and this year, not so nervous. have a long open water swim out of the way, been training a ton more than last year and feel pretty solid. They changed he course this year and took out the big hill so the times will be faster overall. this year I am going to wear a hat and use mucho sunscreen as I really do not want the sunburn issue again.

Later today doing a final video session with Vanessa and will let you know how it goes.


TRI-ROB said...

Great way to start your day Drew!

kt said...

Good luck with the HIM Drew. I will be rooting for you!