Saturday, June 02, 2007

Day 1 of super three done

So ihave a jam packed three days of workouts this weekend and Friday was day one. I met with Tri-Rob in the morning at we rode an easy 25 miles on the roadbikes at conversation pace nice way to start out the day. i then did a fast bike to work transition and changed into my work clothes and rode to work for a meeting ( by rode I mean on the moto).

I then finally took Bruce's advice and sowed up for my first masters swim class at noon. I have to tell you he has been nagging me for months and so has Katy and Lisa .....Ok ok...i never doubted the need for the class but I was scared that i would be so slow that it would be foolish looking. Which for those that know me are asking..."looking foolish????.....when did that stop you before?" so I went for it and the instructor who helped me back at the very start of my swim career Rob Higley rann awesome class. I swam in a lane with Bruce and kept up for the most part and have to say the ime went by much faster with a group and we swam about 2100 yards. It was very enjouyable and one thing I liked was Rob scaled some parts for how you swam. like the main set he said to do 4 sets of 500 or 400 or 300 based on what you that was good and Bruce and I did 400 sets and the last a 300. some new drills with fins were a bit off but fun nonetheless.

Then right after the masters session I had my coaching lesson with Vanessa. no video but we will do that next week as she is going to do a bonus lesson before she heads to Alaska for the summer. We worked on my bilateral breathing and i actually think i did pretty well as she did too. after working on that we decided to spend some time doing flip turns. I never really spent any time on these as i am planning open water swims ( hence no walls) and oh my how funny was that...we spent more time laughing than anything as I looked like a goof trying it, then on one turn i smacked my head really hard on the bottom og the pool and the sound reverberated so much people were stopping and looking to make sure i was ok, later a guy in the locker room told me he though someone dropped a dumbbell in the bottom of the pool.....well i was the dumbbell.

plan for today is single speed mountain bike race at 10 am, come home and take a nap and then adventure race tonight at 7 pm that will go until midnight......double race reports coming up!

* no thats not me in the pic but a sneak peak at upcoming interview with Vanessa on underwater swim analysis......

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TRI-ROB said...

Hope your noggin's ok! Like you... I've never been able to pull off a flip turn! You'll have to teach me how!