Thursday, June 28, 2007

check in with coach and KMA not so much

last night rowed 2000 meters then went on a 18 mile bike ride followed by a 3 mile run....good workout. easy to get in off hour longer workouts as I am a bachelor fo the next two weeks and loving it.

Had a great workout with Kyle today, talked about how to wind up training leading up to Ironman. He is tailoring the rest of the workouts for endurance and strength endurance. Also we are working on a 3 week taper reducing each week the last 3 weeks at 30% less each week.

Today did a workout with Steph again and likely will worout with her bit more, good partner...still looking for pharmaxy Rob to step up before cyclocross season .

I came in early and warmed up with a 20 minute run ( I also rode my bike down to the studio) then we did a 12 minute pyrimad treadmill , same pace but each minute ramped up the incline 1 degree starting at 5%......I got to 11 and then backed down the ladder.

Then we did 1 minute intervals with varoous excercises with set amounts of reps and any time left we held a position.

15 pushups and then hold

20 squats and then hold

jump rope

quick feet over the red box

1 leg squat with med ball 1 leg

jump rope

back on treadmill minus 3 degree decline

other leg 1 leg squat

both legs holding kettlebells

barbell curls

side to side red box

rubber band around ankle side to side

resistance cord rows

plank on med ball mountain climbers

jumping jacks with rubber band around ankles


50 reg. situpos, 25 reverse, 50 bicycle, 25 each side oblique, 10 slow full situps, 15 side plank each side, 25 superman................ahhhhhh all done.

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