Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Back into the workouts after rest day

SO ifigure I will go hard today and Wed and then have a KMA on Thursday and will rest Friday and Sat before the Olympic distance race in Portland.

This morning did:

400 m run
6 pullups
10 burpees with 20# ball
10 pushups offset with one hand on small med ball ( 5 each side)

times three rounds

then plan for today is a 2000 meter swim ( only swam 1000 though)

when I got home from work i added a 2 mile hard effort run before dinner because I had been sitting at my desk at work for the last 4 hours and needed something before dinner.

I am feeling pretty good after rest day yesterday. The weekend really took it out of me thats for sure. Traveling to Portland on Thursday afternoon and may do a short run Friday morning before heading into work meetings there but likely a short one, I will have to take the garmin to see how long the route is I always run by the hotel I stay at.

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Steven said...

Best of luck at Blue Lake! You'll love that course...flat and fast.