Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Well I had some more video done today thanks to the great Swim coach Vanessa Polvi. I have to say she was great and I would reccomend her to anyone. Our interview is up at Zen and the art of triathlon HERE so check it out.

The plan for the rest of the week is firming up as i approach the half ironman next week. so manana is likely one of my last KMA workouts with kyle. I should do an interview with him and get his thoughts on training for endurance.

Then Friday doing an open water swim with Bruce to get the wet suit out again. Sat doing a psuedo half ironman with some girls that want to do it for personal growth as oppsed to paying for the half ironman....they also want to do a duathlon not a tri so we will bike and run. Not fast so i will hang with them and get a nice long day in for my last big workout before the mini taper for the half ironman.

here is the route they set up:

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