Sunday, March 30, 2008


So Friday did not do anything except drink alcohol. we had our annual profit sharing day where I work and we started drinking about noonish. I packed running clothes to run at work before we started the fun and that plan went to the wayside fast.

However.............. I did redeem myself on Saturday by volunteering for a ski race to be a gate judge for the day and when we got there they postponed the race due to ...wait for it....too much snow. So we just had to postpone th race 3 hours I and skied in the fluffy white stuff for three hours and felt great! I swear this year we have had more now that I know what to do with, good for skiing and I ski so thats cool bu the cycling had been a no go. I did get a punch card pass at the pool so will try and cross train by swimming once a week on an offday.

today we repeat FGB:


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