Wednesday, March 12, 2008


well the KMA did not kick my ass. I had a great workout thanks to Bruce and his invite. We did a 4 man workout with uber cyclist Rob utrek, All American Bruce Rogers and local Tri boy Shawn.
here it is best I can remember:

warm up treadmill

rotate stations:

1 1 arm push ups off ball
2 run outside sprint/jog laps
3 barbell lifts with towel rows
4 bosu sit ups with kettlebell shoulder lifts

then we did plank push ups in a row while we took turns running over each other

rotate stations:
1 10 percent grade treadmill
2 kettle bell swings
3 jump rope
4 push ups on on unstable surface

dog position while we all took turns crawling underneath each other

leg killer

Shawn and I did 4 rounds and Rob and Bruce did 6 rounds of:

20 body weight squats
20 lunges each leg
20 jumping leg switches on box
20 full plyo box jumps


then we finished with abs,

good day, I am sore today but not as bad as a I thought. I think I will stay with the crossfit plan but will jump in once a month or so with those guys as funds allow, good motivation and good workout.

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