Saturday, March 22, 2008

Killer ski day in Tumalo bowl

Up at 6 am to hit the bowl, my legs were still a bit sore from the week but did ok. if you checked the crossfit workout yesterday it was impossible ( 100 handstand pushups...blah blah......) so yesterday just rode the bike. Chuck and Kelly and I hit the bowl, The climb up was on a well worn path and figured the bowl would be all cut up and it was.......on the snowmobile side!!! the ski side was completely fresh and then we thought... well it likely does not ski well....IT WAS SWEET!!! so we did 4 laps in the bowl and then skied out through the trees. note the cornice that came off the night before as Chuck demonstrates what not to get caught in in his little re-creation.


CINDY JO said...

LUCKY!!! Even though I have to suffer through the Michigan winters, we don't have much KILLER skiing around, since there aren't any mountains.

Drew Holmes said...

thanks and good to hear from you Cindy!