Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Zen bread

So the crossfit for today was to run 800 meter repeats but that sounded pretty basic so I spent the lunch hour running outside ( as it was a great sunny day for once this Spring) then went into the gym, and did two sets of pull-ups ( 10 reps) on the pull-up bar. Then…are you ready for it…actually swam. I went to the 50 meter pool and did 400 meters. That is the first time I swam since Ironman last August. The 400 meters felt like a mile. I guess I have not used those muscles in awhile.

Overall a great workout and nice to do in the middle of the workday . I must say coming back to work after a solid workout id energizing and really breaks up the day.

Tonight the family and I are going to see a film of Zen bread making:


Brett should like that one

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