Thursday, April 03, 2008

new bike

After a morning of doing a kettlebell routine that was nice, not too hard but felt a total body workout off to the office, got home in time for some trail riding on the new mountain this is a 2006 Rocky Mountain Element 70 that I bought used from my bud Bruce and Xterra champ! the funny thing was he had a giant MTB before but it was stolen so he needed to replace it and I helped him pick this very bike out as a good one as i had an element before and was very please with it. I even had the opportunity to tour the factory in Vancouver BC when I worked in the industry. very high quality built in Canada specs. good bikes. So he sold it to me for a steal so that he could buy an all carbon full XC Anthem by Giant that was raced by Carl Decker. Carl had nothing but the best stuff on it since he rides for team Giant and man is that a sweet bike. But back to mine. here are some pics and also showing my bling white handgrips and the 2.4 WTB up front that Chris suggested. Also a nice carbon rear. I took the stem and seat and seatpost off my Turner to make it fit right. Rode like a dream. still a few mid holes but down by the river the single track has pretty much dried up and is good riding.


Coach said...

Nice set-up Drew. You're going to have to persuade me to get into the muddy stuff on an actual bike. I used to love running up the trails trying to keep up or beat the mountain bikers but never added that as a discipline.

Anonymous said...