Saturday, April 19, 2008

ready to roll for Mudslinger race on Sunday

got the bike race ready and number plate on for first race of the year...although I repeat I got suckered into this race and will go to have fun thought will still be hard workout. I like this pic too, doesn't it look like my two bikes are hugging? kind of a bike/moto snuggle eh?

I also realized the old Gregory backpack case I had for holding mountaineering crampons would work great on the back of a rack so I ziptied it up and will load this rack onto the cyclocross with some panniers I have for some alternate commuting ideas. sometimes the bag gets a bit heavy so we will try this a bit.

Steph raced at Sea Otter this weekend and I will post results when I get them, I just checked and no results from last nights short track yet.

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