Thursday, April 24, 2008

getting there

well I have the front wheel ready for the 69er bike ( 29 up front and 26 in the rear) I took a cyclocross front wheel I had and lo and behold Chris was right you can put a big fat 2.4 inch mountain tire on that......who would have guessed. should get the fork in a week, had a slight mix up at the LBS but an honest one and they treat me right so no big deal. I just want to get it rolling for the chainbreaker.

I found a super cool way to use craiglist. I have all of this stuff to haul to the dump here and I put up a free posting on craigslist to give some of the stuff away. today I gave away a queen size box spring that would have a) taken me time to haul to the dump and B) cost me $9.00 to dump, instead someone who needed on came it got it for free. I must admit my bro Akuma turned me on to this but wow I love it! ( I also got rid of my other mountain bike for a fair pric in about 1 day.)

workout: well "Angie" went well but I must admit i could only get about 35 pullups and the arms were smoked

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adam and melissa said...

who do you think got Akuma hooked on Craigslist?! It rules! Did you read about my new patio table?!