Sunday, April 13, 2008

Killer weekend

1st pic: Web's great ride this weekend
2nd pic: Monkey face at Smith Rock. I have climbed it severak times but never did a handstand on top I must admit.

So Saturday went up to Mt. Bachelor and skied about 12 runs with Mark since we got a free pass for being volunteers at a ski race ( remember volunteers make races happen!). So I was spent but my crossfit WOD was a 10 k run so I came home and managed to run 5 miles ( via the GPS watch) on some mountain bike trails. there is a new cut through the bottom of the Tetherow development near my house so I now spend about 500 meters of pavement before I am on hundreds of miles of singletrack........ahhh the good life. It was so hot though that i was sweating to the oldies. that hurt.

Day 2 did the Spring classic with the Webcyclery boys and girls riding with about 50 plus riders 43 miles of mixed pavement and dirt. actually a lot of dirt. great ride. now you would thing that would be enough but when we got back Rob and I took the gear outside and did FIGHT GONE BAD. OHHHHHHHHH it was sweet and we were hurting. great weekend and now I rest on Monday

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