Saturday, August 04, 2007

3 weeks left

trying to get back in the swing of things from being gone. My brother Scott is in town so busy visiting and also back to work has slowed me up. I have done a few minor workouts and then Thursday took Scott to a KMA session and it kicked his as well. This is what we did from my memory:

15 minute treadmill warmup

KB swings on Bosu

KB step ups on box

double pushups with hand clap

treadmill at 10 incline


punching bag

lunge with barbell raise

rings with knee up

jump rope again

sit up with heavy ball throwback

ball squats

quick jumps sideways over mini hurdles

pull ups with leg lifts over head

all for about 2 minutes each station followed up by 10 minutes of abs....low on rest

going to try and get some cycling in today

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TRI-ROB said...

Sorry I missed the KMA Drew! I can't BELIEVE you are racing an IRONMAN in 2 weeks! Freakin AWESOME! Hopefully I'll get to see ya b4 you take off!