Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ready to roll. last post before I get there

I may or may not have connectivity in Penticton. I am sure there will be internet cafes so I will try and update but I must be honest and say it will not be priority to lug a laptop across town but if its doable I will.

remember top check IRONMANLIVE for bib # 601

Lunch with Tri ROb was great and talked strategy and set up and that was awesom...thanks TRIROB.

Had a beer with my long time supporter and the reason i can ride a bike Pharm-Rob.

All packed up and out of here................................


"One cannot talk about the Subaru Ironman Canada without mentioning the unique course.

The swim consists of a single out-and-back loop in the southern end of Lake Okanagan. The start is located in a bay that is simply identified as “The Peach,” a 14-foot high peach that also serves as beverage confectionary. One kilometer to the west of “The Peach” lays the beached historical paddle boat, “The Sicamous,” where many pre-race swims start.

The bike is a 180-kilometer single-loop course that heads south of Penticton and passes through the towns of Okanagan Falls, Oliver and Osoyoos. Before entering Okanagan Falls athletes are forced up McLean Creek Road for a nasty climb for 1.5 kilometers. During the next 45 kilometers participants go slightly downhill and pass fruit orchards, farms, vineyards, wineries and fruit stands. Those racing know they are in for a world of work as they view the mammoth Canadian flag at the Huskey gas station in Osoyoos. The flag is the symbol that competitors are required to make a hard right hand turn and head up the infamous Richter Pass. The pass consists of an 11 km climb that varies from four to eight per cent steepness. After Richter Pass, you are greeted to a screaming six or seven kilometers of downhill. In desert like conditions, a number of good sized rollers lead you into the town of Keremeos. You are treated with a brain numbing out-and-back section that feels like it takes you forever to get out of. This location rarely has wind and can be brutally hot … not something you need at about 120 km’s into an Ironman bike.

The last 60 kilometers of the bike you are served up some false flats as you exit the out and back section and a couple more climbs that are short and tough. Many race plans and goals have been discarded during this section of the bike. The last 20 kilometers provide some rewarding descents where you can take care of your hydration and fuel needs before entering the bike/run transition in town.

The out-and-back one-loop marathon starts and finishes through the city of Penticton. The streets are heavy with spectators throughout the Ironman city. It is the 28 kilometers heading south to the community of Okanagan Falls and the return trip that is the challenge. The beautiful Skaha Lake serves as your guide with a great deal of the run along its shores. Flat for most of the run, there is a few thigh burners going into and exiting the turn-around village.

The last two kilometers of the run are just plain cruel. You turn a corner and you are within a 100 meters of the finish, but you have to head one kilometer to the west and away from the finish line before you retrace your steps before entering the finish line chute. One year Shingo Tani looked at the finish line before holding his head with his hands in disbelief when he realized that he had to run in the opposite direction! Once you get to the finish line, though, you’re greeted by thousands of spectators who stay until midnight."


jameson said...

good luck homey... I'll defintely be following along.

Al said...

Sweet ride and good luck

TRI-ROB said...

Go get 'em BRO! Can't WAIT to get the call!

T-Guy J said...

Kick Some A$$ Drew...

Can't wait to hear about your IM adventure.

T-Guy J

Cindy Jo said...

Have a great race Drew!!!

blink140pnt6 said...

I'm plugged in to #601, YO!

moonpie said...

Rock on Drew! Will be following you and can't wait for your race report. You've come a long way, baby! ;)