Tuesday, August 07, 2007


the river by the old mill where we swim

90 and 60, got in a 90 minute ride this morning on the mountain bike and a ride to work. Followed by a solid 60 minute run at lunch…feeling good, trying to keep the duration up but keep it ironman pace which is pretty mellow. I will be riding the moto home now that I have the battery charged. I have to say a dead battery on the moto and no car really forced me to get in the extra miles in the last 2 months which was good.

I think tonight I will be doing about 3000 meters of rowing while I watch some TV and then some core work. I hope to do some open water swim on Wed. either in a lake with Bruce or I will hit the Deschutes River and just swim slow upstream. As Bruce put it well, I should really swim mostly in the suit so it is race specific. Speaking of I guess I should get some long rides in my TT bike next week too. AAAARRRGGGG so much to fathom or not to fathom and only like 18 days left.


kt said...

You got it. You will be fabulous.

I also have to tell you that you are tagged but if you don't have time due to IM training I think we would all understand. I had to pick 5 people that hadn't had the silly thing yet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Drew,

I got linked up to your page from jamesons page when I was checkin out the photos from XTERRA. My name is Tyler and I have just gotten into triathlon and Xterra in the past year.... I just finished up grad school down here and just took a position up in Bend. I am lookin to move by first week in October. I don't really know my way around and definately don't know where to train! Would be stoked if some of you guys would be willing to show me around!

shoot me an e-mail: tblackwelder@llu.edu

take it easy