Tuesday, August 14, 2007

12 days

super taper in effect!!!!

Yesterday i rode my bike home from work....thats it. nothing else.

I had dinner last night with my friend Chuck who did Ironman Brazil and he gave nme a lot of good tips. I have done adventure races with him in the past and he is the guy who hooked me up with my first tri shorts ( that have since been ceremoniously burned). We talked alot about taper and what to do, he was big on short workouts of 15 to 20 minutes super easy but a few 60 second bursts of interval just to remind your body not to go into full recovery mode. made sense.

today I plan on an easy swim and my daily bike commute to work. The ride to work is 6 miles but super easy and mostly downhill going to work. I wil likely just take the cruiser today.

I spoke with raceday wheels and they are sending my Zipp 808 set out this week so I can get them on the bike and ride a bit as I tweek my bike this weekend. I need to think about the saddle on that bike and switching to another one. now no I am not chnging things at the last second it would be a saddle off another bike I ride all the time so not a new saddle to me. I am also not wearing a one piece in the Ironman but a a full team kit from my bike sponsor as it will be way more comfortable.

check out the cool poster of my buds Jetpack and Texafornia HERE


TRI-ROB said...

Hey ya big STUUUUUUUD! Give me a call! When do you leave for Canada? I wanna make sure I get over to Bend b4 you leave!

Shelley said...

Yah..racedaywheels rock..used them several times before I finally broke down and bought my own..very best of luck to you out at IMC, I sure loved that race!!

Flatman said...

Good luck, studder!!! You're gonna rock it.