Sunday, August 19, 2007

6 days

my nephew Trevor training for ironman 2020 and my sis-in law super swimmer Mel who helped me when I could barely get across the pool
Well I took out the Zipps yesterday and rode to my local LBS Hutchs. I must say before I rant that my local LBS rocks. They have been supporting me for over 10 years and I cannot say enough good stuff about their shops and the owner Jim and the manager Mike.....great guys and 100% service oriented.

ok so i get the svelt 808 set on the bike and I am off for a one hour ride and i am riding in a marked bike lane on the way to the shop and down in the TT bars wearing my team kit so loud colors.....a white car comes up along side me and t hen passes me and with no turn signal and a nice turn...TOTALLY cuts me off here is the off thing..... You know in movies how time slows down and you can see everything in great detail? in the next 2 seconds I have a very long conversation in my head that consisted of these bullet points:

  • I cannot believe they just turned in front of me?
  • Brett and Jetpack were teasing me for not getting the wheel insurance and i just crashed the wheels...great!!!
  • I will be hurt for ironman.....what luck?
  • I winder what kind of insurance settlement i will get to replace this bike????
  • oh yeah grab the brakes!!!!!!
So I grab the brakes and slide sideways on the TT bike with the 808s.....Man do I have good bike handling skills or what as I again ( see this post) save the TT bike from a car . I screamed a few obscenities I must admit.......paused and was still upright......THEN......well I do not suggest you do this as who knows who the person is but I turned and chased that car back down about 6 blocks and caught them at a stop sign and had a loud chat with them.... I asked some poignant questions such as:

  1. Are you trying to kill me?
  2. Can you see bright colors?
  3. Are you aware you just almost ran over somebody?
  4. Can I suggest you drive with your head out of.....
Anyway you get the was I amped, Chuck toled me to do some easy rides with a few hard efforts and I can tell you that was a hard exertion so at least I am sticking to my training plan.

Got to the bike shop and needed to fix two things. The bike computer that Jetpack sold me years ago in on the fritz so bought a new battery and i am still working on that as it seems to work but does not show me the speed???? also needed a spacer for the rear cog that Pharm Rob lent me and got that taken care of so bike is good to go. working on changing the seat around and then will throw a pic of the steed on the bike.

Also for those that ask about my bib number I just realized it was posted:



kt said...

scary dude

Glad you are alright. Were the people in the car shocked that you chased them down?

Drew Holmes said...

They knew what they had done and were apologetic but frazzled, I frazzled them some more....not usually my style but ironman in one week with a broken bike and a broken leg was going through my mind

moonpie said...

NEVER buy stuff from Jetsack...he only sells broken stuff. You can trust moonpie though ;)

P.S. How do you like those Kaiman googles? :P