Friday, August 10, 2007

17 days

Final prep work, shaved up with the new Gillette 5 blade. Had my final KMA with Kyle and have final Big brick planned for Sat and then being a volunteer at a local half marathon Sunday. feeling great.

first off the KMA was my last one and we went hard and nonstop without rests. usuualy I get to workout with Bruce or Steog or Tri Rob and this last time was just me. nowhere to hide, nowhere to deflect attention...all me.

15 min on the treadmill warmup

walking pushups back and forth across gym

punching bag on the heavy bag

bongo board balance pushups

kettlebell press while doing deep lunges

2 min hard on tread at 8% grade

30 pound kettlebell swings

jump rope

resisted lifts with straight bar with jump

single leg squats on machine ending in single leg jumps

side jumps on tow boxes of different heights

legs in tight resistance band going side to side ducking under rope

straight bar pulls with resistance ( aka pull trainer across room in jumps)

more jump rope

knees on bosu and roll out wheel for core

10 minutes of core abs ( 100 sit ups, 25 vups, 25 side, plank)

I think thats about it, but then again I was tired. After I rode to the library and then rode home and dropped my gear and kept riding about another 45 minutes. It was hot and that was good as I am conditioning for the heat as the race will be hot.

Got up this morning at 5:30 and rode to the pool and did about 1700 meters

500 warm up

1000 pull

200 cool down drills

I am feeling really good right now and will do a big brick on Sat and then taper taper taper

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey man! I'm gonna try and make it over to Bend b4 you leave! Probably the beginning of next week... are you going to be around?