Wednesday, August 15, 2007

11 days

ok I better make good on this since KT tagged me.:

Jobs I’ve Held (2007 and back)

insurance claims supervisor
claims investigator/ attorney specialist
mountain bike guide
backcountry ski guide
bike shop lack-E
Police officer
Skydiving instructor
telemarketer for Sears
video store clerk ( think of the movie "clerks")
warehouse boy
ice cream sales

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over

Joe vs. the volcano
Godfather trilogy
The sure thing
Anything by Stanley Kubrick

My Guilty Pleasures
reality television
playing during work hours

Places I Have Lived (in order)
Bend, Oregon
Vancouver, Washington
Albany, Or
Corvallis, Or
Eugene, Or
Oxford, Ms
Omaha, Ne
Seattle, Wa
Kodiak, Ak
Waldport, Or
Vancouver again
somewhere in Idaho

Shows I Enjoy
no sports other than TDF
most reality shows if they are good
Dave Letterman

Places I Have Been on Vacation ( a few highlights)
middle of nowhere Canada to ski
Madrid, Spain
Paris, France
Reno to see motley Crue in concert before a race...( we drove all night after to the race)
Amsterdam ( just in the airport but bought a cool bike key hook for the door)
Glacier national park
Washington DC

Favorite Foods
mac and cheese

Websites I Visit Daily
all my tri friends
google ( duh!)

Body Parts I Have Injured
nose in high school ( had a nose job to repair big incident)
knee surgery back in like 90
scrapes and bruises but thats about it

Nicknames You’ve Been Called



adam and melissa said...

Yo Brother!

I'm sure we'll talk before you leave for Penticton, but just wanted you to know that we're checking in on your blog, and wishing you GOOD LUCK at the Ironman! Really wish we could be there, but you're brother, nerd that he is, has to put that white lab coat on and save the world.

Enjoy the taper! And don't get too razor burned.


Cara said...

Those are definitely some interesting jobs!

Thanks for the shout out on my blog. I know E and I have been total slacker and a half in terms of the podcast. I've still been tri-ing it up though. I just put a race report up on the blog, including a couple pics.

Brian said...

Best of luck on the IM -- looking forward to reading about it.

Cara said...

Btw, go kick some butt at IM Canada!! I'll be racing that day too (an oly). I'll be sure to look you up on the tracking sys.

Drew Holmes said...

thanks for keeping me in the game everybody.

kt said...

Way to cowboy up Drew. Good to hear that things are still going and I will be cheering you on from the Midwest.