Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super bowl Sunday

I admit the snow was grabby and Rob just likes getting a pic of me falling once every two years

I almost ran into that....pointy

headed up the ridge

The snow was so icy had to boot up

Super Rob ( not to be confused with Super Chuck both who kick my ass in a god way)

ok so I do not watch football at all but I bet a guy a work a million dollars on the Cardinals...I lost. But I had bet him a million dollars on Oregon State when they beat the best team so I ended up even. I do not watch any sports but training hours everyday i just do not have time or interest. Now I will get up and watch 3 hours of live coverage of the Tour De France during July. Here is some fun from todays workout.....was suposed to run but Rob wanted snow so we went for about three hours on a ski tour up into the mountains and while the snow sucked the weather was great and the veiws were awesome. just nice to mix up the training away from the swim/bike/run.

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