Saturday, February 14, 2009


I was going to sleep in but decided at 6 am to run up to Mt. Bachelor and ski the cone since there was fresh powder. Ran up and got in one run from the top....back to the house at 8:15....had a few waffles and then headed over to a 9 am race at Drake park where FOOTZONE put on a 4 lap 1.4 mile loop relay race. super fun running in the cold and snow and free entry fee..... and walked away with SWAG. How great is that? Came home did a few odds and ends and then got on the rollers for 90 minutes...that's right 90 minutes on the rollers....watched some of the tour of California coverage and then hooked up the laptop in front of me and used HULU to watch the hour long 2008 Ironman Hawaii coverage.

I think I will rest now.....until manana which will be big too.....ohhh I feel good!!!!

127 days to go!!!

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