Tuesday, February 17, 2009

remember the why

I forget to explain the last post but it is a quote from a book I have in my wallet. when you set goals just remember the why. Why do you have the goals you do? what drives you? what are you willing to sacrifice that when put in context is not that important?

I had a great weekend of running and skiing. Marsha and I hot Todd lake and it was deep and semi steep. with less snow that usual this year we were stoked to find it.

Monday ht a sports conditioning class and then swam for about 40 minutes later that evening. today I have 45 minutes under the belt at 6 am on the rollers and taking the running gear to work for the mid day burn or in this case may be mid day freeze as there is snow on the ground. With the right clothes I should be fine.

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TRI-ROB said...

Hey! If you're going to swim under 1 hour 45 min at CdA... you better spend a bit more time in the pool. Talk about slackin! GEESH!