Thursday, September 11, 2008

work night, school night.....

Yep that's how I roll. Jennelle and I went camping with the mountain bikes and bob trailer on a work and school night....why....cuz I am continuing the summer long Wednesday night camping until first snow. We both get up early ( she got up at 5:30) so we still get home in time to start work and get to school. We rode up Storm King to a new camping spot. Played how far can you travel without stepping on the ground ( using rocks as islands) and according to Jennelle she was whisked away by eagles in the middle of the night to do battle with the bats and she helped the deer king win and saved the universe......ahhhh innocence of imagination at that age.

so that's all the happy stuff now the sad stuff is i am going to get my ass kicked tonight in the race so I am resting today and will post photos and a race report tommorow.....its going to good.

sidenote: there was some confusion if that was really me running with lance....yes it is.

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