Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Thunder Down Under!!!!!

SO.......... Rob and I headed out at oh dark thirty for Klamath Falls this morning to go race in the first cyclocross series in the southern part of Oregon. We signed up to race and i thought we should go preride the course.....time to get dressed.......Where are my shorts?????? crap I left them on the table at home.I have no shorts!!!!!! i have a bib and helmet and all that but no shorts. odd situation to be in. you can usually find someone with a spare something to borrow but bike shorts????? uhhhh no. alas my buddy Rob brings with him three pairs of shorts and hooks a brother up...tightly but hooked up.

The course was a tight loose and gravely course with 6...count them six sets of barriers. this is a running mans course. There are 10 people in my field. smaller than the usual 40-60 I race with but that's cool and its a small town so cool.

a short race at 35 minutes and we are off. I am known to fade at the end so I start out easy.......really easy......what? I am in first??? how did that happen? ok keep your cool. I seem to be a bit more experienced at the barriers that the rest of the field and the run ups being a war of attrition,,,,,,,,moving along and CHAINSUCK!!!!! damn the bike is all screwed up. I stop and calmly pull at my chain here and there while the entire field passes me. I am now last. ok there the chain comes out and I am off. during the next lap I catch up and pass the entire field...that felt good......then all the way to the end with 2 more chain sucks and 1 crash that was hilarious and i ended up first. Wow ihave had some good races the last few years but I have not been numero uno in a while. YYYEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA

Now the next race and Rob is up.....wire to wire he takes the race and almost laps the entire field twice. ( He was wearing his own shorts). There is talk of Bend sandbaggers but we raced in the same categories we did at Hood and we did not come close to this..... guess you need to handicap it based on where you live??

Good times had by all....we came ......we raced......we won. a nice day.


Jamie said...

Sick race drew. Smooth dismounts too.

Cara said...

Awesome Drew! Congrats!