Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Race season is on

Well its race season but really great hardcore training for Ironman next year. I have a cyclocross clinic tonight with Trebon and then race 1 of the Thrilla starts tomorrow. After the series of 4 races ( of which I think my schedule allows for three) we start the awesome Cross Crusade!!!! I am growing out the chops and facial hair for the race season and stoked!!! Put some new semi knobby tires from kenda on the cyclocross bike last night and actually cleaned the bike. I will get some better mudder tires later bit these were cheap. It feels like fall as I rode in on the road bike this morning to work in 42 degree temps. I swam yesterday for about 20 minutes and swam with my new underwater ipod thats the way to go...the boredom was gone!!! I can listen to podcasts or music while doing endless laps.......perfect.

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