Tuesday, September 23, 2008


that's right!!! middle of the pack.......almost exactly the middle. the second race went even better and with a new course layout at the same location gave a bit more recovery between run ups even though there were two on this course. on lap one i watched a guy go off a bridge into the creek!!!! holy toledo, but he said he was ok and a bystander helped him. I chased down a few people and even drafted a guy one lap before he blew up...again the shouts of Dan and Val and Steve and Rob made me push a little harder. so always take friends to races is my tip of the week.

so resting up a bit and then headed to kalamath falls to get up the ladder a bit

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Jamie said...

Nice race Drew! I'll be happy just to not be DFL, but my race next month should be interesting.

Note to self: Say On The Course!